Early Case Analysis

Successful outcomes result from identifying issues at the outset of a matter, and creating a strategy that proactively and efficiently addresses the issues. LMI’s Early Case Analysis process aids counsel in making informed decisions about whether to settle, engage in Alternative Dispute Resolution or take matters to trial.

LMI’s Early Case Analysis services enable clients to quickly focus on the most important aspects of a case and make cost-effective decisions that will best support the entire litigation lifecycle. Having visibility into the statistics of collected data allows counsel to consider the risk, cost and time that may be required to assemble the necessary evidence. Visibility also encourages the application of business processes to legal matters, affording counsel the opportunity to outline a more accurate litigation budget and plan.

LMI’s medical and legal professionals, supported by advanced technologies, conduct initial document reviews that focus on culling data, such as exposure history and allegation verification, in support of trend identification. Information is analyzed and synthesized, and strategic factors that may impact the litigation lifecycle are presented to the defense team in a variety of formats.

LMI embraces technology to create efficiencies, maximize productivity and drive down costs. Data extracted from initial document reviews is displayed for counsel via a secure, customized
LMIDashboard®. LMIDashboard® provides a method through which real-time information is shared with all members of the legal team.

Data extracted during the Early Case Analysis process provides the perfect platform from which LMI’s suite of services, including Medical Analysis and Record Management, may be built, creating additional efficiencies throughout the litigation management process. Overall, LMI’s Early Case Analysis prompts counsel to evaluate the matter at hand so appropriate strategy may be developed with an eye towards more effectively managing the litigation lifecycle.


Components of Early Case Analysis include data abstraction, which allows strategic decisions to be made early in the litigation, and metrics-driven reporting, which reduces discovery costs by providing a preview of case data. The relevant legal and medical data distilled by LMI’s professionals provides an overview of individual cases as well as a statistical analysis of the entire plaintiff population. This data is presented in charts, graphs and reports via LMIDashboard®.

Reported information displayed via
LMIDashboard® is typically high level information pertaining to the total number of plaintiffs and cases in a litigation, the growth rate of the litigation, number of reported injuries by category and jurisdictional summaries for each jurisdiction within the litigation. Within each data topic is functionality that allows users to drill down to more specific data points. Standard report formats are available and may be customized to showcase pertinent issues uncovered during the Early Case Analysis process.