LMI has played an integral role in the management of medical information in various pharmaceutical actions. Our experience includes:

  • Development of a web-based system containing over 50 unique data fields with information captured across the entire plaintiff population in mass-pharmaceutical litigation, allowing web users to create custom compilation reports on demand via the Internet
  • Development and use of a decision tree to structure medical record review and analysis in diet drug litigation, reducing the overall cost for our client
  • Applying a triage approach to PPA cases, focusing on the key factors identified over the course of the litigation
  • Analysis of both mother and daughter medical records in DES litigation
  • Review of family history along with personal medical information in vaccine cases
  • Creation of timelines juxtaposing drug ingestion with laboratory values in acetaminophen litigation
  • Review and abstraction of medical research articles to support the defense of claims made by healthcare workers exposed to antineoplastic agents
  • Reviewed hundreds of cases involving allegations of cardiac valvulopathy associated with ingestion of the Fen-Phen diet drug combination