LMI takes a practical approach in providing clients with timely, high-quality analysis of compound issues underlying plaintiff allegations in a variety of environmental exposure cases such as:

  • Asbestos: LMI partnered with asbestos litigation defendants, their insurers and counsel to provide medical information management services in various phases of the litigation. LMI's medical professionals have acquired, reviewed and analyzed medical documents for thousands of cases involving shipyard, pipefitter, electrical, insulation, petrochemical, and friction product workers who have alleged medical injury resulting from asbestos exposures.
  • Silica: Betsy Juliano served on a NIOSH-sponsored international committee of specialists that defined hallmark standards for diagnosis of fibrous material exposure diseases, resulting in LMI developing cost-effective work products for all phases of silica litigation. These specialized medical information management services include the LMI Pulmonary Function Test Validity Analysis.
  • Pesticides: Determining the severity of exposure to pesticide chemicals is a complex task. LMI developed Epidemiologic Maps to graphically illustrate the incidence of any disease clustering that may be present in the litigation, and designed medical reviews that facilitate analysis of both the individual plaintiff and across the collective plaintiff population.